ZCoryPlus – [Pre-Order] – Available from Half May 2018 –

55,00 Iva Esc.

Available from Half May 2018

Z-CoryPlus Hotend + Spool 250


100% Made in Italy by Keytech


Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Compatible  Zortrax M200/M200Plus/M300
Rigid Material YES
Flexible Material YES




It is a new extruder for M200, M300, M200 Plus and also on MicroSwiss Heatsink



1. Can be all metal or not;

2. Has half the height of the alu block compared to the original, so it feels better retractions with materials that tend to make stringing as zpetg, zglass, high flexible rubber;

3. Has its own heatsink composed of two throats that help to dissipate and the higher one by touching with the original heatsink transmits more heat to the heatsink itself;

4. The wall of the throat that touches the heat sink creates a greater contact surface also for the passage of the signal during bed leveling, so it will save several platform from drilling;

5. Nozzle M6 compatible with all M6 in the world;

6. Can be installed on M200, M300, M200 Plus and MS heatsink;

7. The smallest alu block allows go fast into heat and keep it better;


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