ZCoryPlus – per dissipatore Microswiss

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New Hotend

Z-CoryPlus Hotend


100% Made in Italy by Keytech

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Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Compatible  Zortrax M200/M300, both with Microswiss heatsink
Rigid Material YES
Flexible Material YES


It is a new extruder for M200, M300, both with Microswiss heatsink



1. Has half the height of the alu block compared to the original, so it feels better retractions with materials that tend to make stringing as zpetg, zglass, high flexible rubber;

2. Has its own heatsink composed of two throats that help to dissipate and the higher one by touching with the original heatsink transmits more heat to the heatsink itself;

3. The wall of the throat that touches the heat sink creates a greater contact surface also for the passage of the signal during bed leveling, so it will save several platform from drilling;

4. Nozzle M6 compatible with all M6 in the world;

5. Can be installed on M200, M300, both with Microswiss heatsink;

6. The smallest alu block allows go fast into heat and keep it better;

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