PBT 30% GLASS FIBER V0 Black 1.75 mm

54,90103,70 22% Iva inc.

PBT-GF30 FR, 30% Glass Reinforced, Flame Retardant V0 3D Printing Filament in special compound.

3D printing filament

only 1,75 mm and in black colour

Net weight 0,75 Kg

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Property Test Condition

Mechanical Properties Standard Unit Values
Tensile Modulus


Stress at break

ISO 527


ISO 527







Strain at break ISO 527 %         2
CHARPY Impact strength notched ISO 179/1eA kJ/m2         8
Thermal Properties
H.D.T. Method A (1,80 MPa) ISO 75 °C     210

Other Properties

Specific Gravity ISO 1183 g/cm3          1,65
Burning Behav. at 1.5 mm nom. thickn. IEC 60695-11-10     class       V-0
Thickness tested  IEC 60695-11-10      mm        1,5
Burning Behav. at thickness h  IEC 60695-11-10      class        V-2
Thickness tested  IEC 60695-11-10      mm         0,5

Printing parameters:

temp melt 260-300°C

bed temp 90-130°C with abs juice or hair spray

zero fan

closed built room suggested

Be carefull, need nozzle with high friction resistence and high thermal concuctivity.

We suggest ZCory Nozzle L1

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso N/A

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