PBT 30% GLASS FIBER V0 Black 1.75 mm

54,90103,70 22% Iva inc.

PBT-GF30 FR, 30% Glass Reinforced, Flame Retardant V0 3D Printing Filament in special compound.

3D printing filament

only 1,75 mm and in black colour

Net weight 0,75 Kg

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Property Test Condition

Mechanical Properties Standard Unit Values
Tensile Modulus


Stress at break

ISO 527


ISO 527







Strain at break ISO 527 %         2
CHARPY Impact strength notched ISO 179/1eA kJ/m2         8
Thermal Properties
H.D.T. Method A (1,80 MPa) ISO 75 °C     210

Other Properties

Specific Gravity ISO 1183 g/cm3          1,65
Burning Behav. at 1.5 mm nom. thickn. IEC 60695-11-10     class       V-0
Thickness tested  IEC 60695-11-10      mm        1,5
Burning Behav. at thickness h  IEC 60695-11-10      class        V-2
Thickness tested  IEC 60695-11-10      mm         0,5

Printing parameters:

temp melt 260-300°C

bed temp 90-130°C with abs juice or hair spray

zero fan

closed built room suggested

Be carefull, need nozzle with high friction resistence and high thermal concuctivity.


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