Cast-Fil – 2.85 mm 750 grammi

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Cast-Fil is a new filament designed specifically for the casting industry.

By 3D Printing casting patterns, you can eliminate the need for expensive tooling and wax processing


How is Cast-Fil different from other 3D printing filaments?

Cast-Fil is the 3D printing filament designed specifically for metal investment casting. To make this application possible, we have enabled the material with two key features:

Superior Surface Quality

Cast-Fil can be polished in the SmoothFil liquid (100% safe liquid), eliminating the layers from filament-based printing processes and resulting in a very smooth part surface. This is critical to ensure the quality of metal parts.

Clean Burnout

Most polymers leave residues when they decompose – this is a problem for investment casting and can lead to defects on the metal parts. We have engineered the material to ensure that it decomposes completely already from T>700 C, leaving a clean mold ready for casting.


Filamento 100% Made in Italy by Keytech

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Colore Natural
Peso Bobina 750g Netti
Temperatura Estrusione 190°-220°
Temperatura Piatto 70°-110°
Ventilazione Media
Adesione su vetro Lacca
Diametro 3 mm


Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 1 kg



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